A Tour of South Australian and Tasmanian Facilities. - Fiordland Lobster Company

A Tour of South Australian and Tasmanian Facilities.

As part of Amanda Mitchell’s induction as the SALCO Sales Manager, a tour of South Australian and Tasmanian facilities took place post Easter with David Prendergast.

The first leg was a visit to the Preston Melbourne facility with Victorian and South Australian Manager John Havos. This facility is quite sizable after its 2015 refit to add equipment from the Millicent plant. It is a very capable facility.

While in Melbourne, Amanda had a walk through both the Mainfreight and CT Freight Logistics facilities and met with the various key personnel looking after our logistics solutions from Australia.

Next stop was Hobart and meeting Tasmanian Manager Michael Blake and viewing the Tasmanian export facility. The challenges of logistics to market present themselves more in Tasmania due to its island location.

A wonderful part of the world, but we had to keep moving.

The next leg was a full day’s travel to get from Hobart to Mt Gambier in South Australia where we had an over view of the newly refurbished Mt Gambier export facility. Adam Bell, the Factory Manager then joined us with fisherman / Director Joel Redman for a day tour of the southern ports.

The final leg was another day’s travel to Port Lincoln to catch up with Steve Stolz and Trent Gregory in another beautiful part of the world. This facility has its own unique capabilities and technical expertise that continue to deliver quality lobster.

Then it was time for home and after ten different flights, it was a pretty solid week of travel but worthwhile for both the sales managers.