Sustainable Fishing - Fiordland Lobster Company

Sustainable Fishing

Fiordland Lobster Company maintains its leading position in the marketplace with a commitment to quality. That means taking the greatest care to keep live lobsters strong and healthy, every step of the way – from the time they are pulled onboard by a Fiordland fisherman, to the time they reach the restaurant tanks of Shanghai. From the factory floor to the CEO, everyone in the company takes pride in delivering the highest quality.

Ongoing investment in technology and personnel supports our quality focus. Our Technical Manager travels constantly around all sites in New Zealand and Australia, upgrading equipment and refining best practices. Long term research projects with tertiary institutions keep us at the forefront of developments in marine animal husbandry and water management.

Taking intelligent care of our live lobsters is a key way in which we aim to be the most innovative and progressive lobster company on the plant.

Food Safety

Food safety is essential for Fiordland Lobster Company as the world’s largest supplier of Southern Rock Lobster.

All sites and transport vehicles operate under New Zealand’s Animal Products Act 1999, administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries. This means full, audited compliance with the following Government programmes:

  • Specifications for Products Intended for Human Consumption
  • Animal Products Risk Management Programme Specifications
  • Export Verification Requirements

As an exporter, Fiordland Lobster company also meets:

  • Overseas Market Access Requirements