Our Facilities - Fiordland Lobster Company

Our Facilities

Fiordland Lobster Company’s live lobster landing depots and export facilities are licensed and audited by New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries. Fiordland Lobster Company is known for running staff technical training programs, focusing on animal handling and water quality management. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality lobsters through operational excellence across our extensive operations.

Our head office is located in Te Anau, Fiordland, where the company was first established. As the company has expanded around New Zealand and into Australia, a network of landing depots has been established around the coastlines to support regional fishing fleets. These depots receive and swim lobsters until they are collected by Fiordland Lobster Company’s own temperature-controlled trucks and taken to export holding facilities, located by international airports. Experienced staff manage the process from landing to export, to keep our lobster in the best possible condition throughout.