Our Story - Fiordland Lobster Company

Our Story

Fiordland Lobster Company is dedicated to the sustainable fishing and live export of wild-caught southern rock lobster (New Zealand crayfish). 35 years after its initial creation, Fiordland Lobster Company remains an outstanding exporter of high-quality lobster. As New Zealand’s largest exporter, we love what we do and where we get to do it.

In 1986, New Zealand introduced the world leading Quota Management System, ensuring sustainable fishing for generations to come.

A year later, in 1989, fifteen Fiordland fishers created the Fiordland Lobster Company. They began exporting their lobsters live for the first time.

In 1993, the first shipments were made to China, and this market quickly grew to become the key market that it is today.

In 2010 Fiordland Lobster Company expanded beyond its New Zealand origins, partnering with fishers in Australia this time, to form the South Australian Lobster Company.

In 2018 the Wild Legend brand was introduced, reminding us of the story of wild-caught southern rock lobsters and our pioneering heritage.

Our head office is still based in Te Anau, nestled in the heart of Fiordland, with lobster receiving depots and export packing factories located throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We are committed to achieving quality and excellence throughout our extensive operations, both at home and supporting our distribution partners in China.

Our vision is to be the most innovative and progressive lobster company on the planet.

Our People

Our success is due to our hardworking and talented team and the high calibre of our business partners. Everyone involved strives to deliver the best and freshest southern rock lobster, with the highest level of service.

Fiordland Lobster Company Board of Directors includes Michael Ambrose, Dennis Burkhart, Mark Dossor, Jeremy Excell, Bryan Henderson, Mark Peychers, Taine Randell, Simon Ploughman.

Just like our lobster the Fiordland landscape is untamed. For us, it is important that it stays that way. Inspired by the original fishermen who founded the company, our staff and directors work with organisations that manage and conserve the Fiordland environment.

If you are interested in joining the Fiordland Lobster Company team, please get in contact by emailing admin@flc.co.nz

Awe & Respect

Wild prestige – We are mindful of doing things in a way that is best for the environment and best for lobster. The right way.


Perfection Plated – Providers of premium quality live lobster export. Applying our expertise at every step from sea to plate.


Process Crafted – Working together with leadership, passion and integrity.

Guardianship & Protection

Untamed Origins – We are responsible for the health and vitality of our environment and resources. For now and the future.