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Quality Assurance

New Zealand is a world leader in sustainable fisheries management. In 1986 it was the first country to introduce a comprehensive quota management system as a way of ensuring sustainable fishing.

Fiordland Lobster Company is fortunate to work within a national system that protects New Zealand marine ecosystems and preserves wild fish stocks for future generations.

Quota Management System

New Zealand commercial fisheries are managed under the Quota Management System (QMS), introduced in 1986. Fishing is managed via a Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) for each fish stock, which may not be exceeded. To go fishing, a commercial fisherman must own or lease quota, which is a set share of the TACC.

TACCs are reviewed and adjusted each year by the Minister for Primary Industries, based on the most recent fisheries stock assessment science and catch reports from the previous year. TACCs are set at a level to meet conservation needs and ensure healthy wild fish populations for future generations.

More detail on the rules, regulations and legislation for Commercial Fishing and Fisheries management in New Zealand can be found here: Fisheries New Zealand

Southern Rock Lobster

Southern Rock Lobster entered the QMS in 1990. It is managed under 10 Quota Management Areas (QMAs) based on administrative and biological factors, allowing for finer control and setting appropriate limits for each. Fiordland Lobster Company fishermen operate in CRA4, CRA5, CRA7, CRA8 and CRA9. Our home fishery of CRA8 contains the largest population of Southern Rock Lobster, and is in excellent health.

Lobsters are caught by potting, a low impact fishing method.

More detail about the environmental, social and production credentials of Southern Rock Lobster, and the wider New Zealand seafood industry, can be found here: OpenSeasNZ

Recreational fishing

If you are looking to fish recreationally for Southern Rock Lobsters then there are some things you need to know, different regions have different rules. Refer to Fisheries New Zealand for more information on recreational fishing rules.