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Fiordland Guardians

Fiordland Lobster takes great pride in the breathtaking environment in which we operate. Since starting out 30 years ago we’ve adopted a conservation focus, maintaining fish stock and marine ecosystems. These measures cultivate a balanced environment and in turn benefit our business.

Inspired by the original fisherman who founded the company, staff of all levels are involved with conservation related projects. Company directors are widely represented on all committees dedicated to the environmental management of Fiordland. Our directors initiated the development of the first two marine reserves in the South Island, and are heavily involved in the formation of the Fiordland Marine area. Alongside the Fiordland Marine Guardians we promote awareness around the management of the area’s environment. This also involves six coastal cleanups where plastic and pollutants are removed from the area.

We have also dedicated time to the protection and relocation of endangered New Zealand wildlife. Funding projects have included reintroducing the endangered Kokako bird to the South Island by eradicating predators on Pigeon Island, as well as supporting the translocation of Spotted Kiwi to Anchor Island.

Our ongoing conservation efforts keep the habitat in which our lobsters live consistent. These ideal conditions allow Wild Legend Lobster to thrive, surrounded by the same flora and fauna that has been present for millions of years. In the untouched, wild landscape of New Zealand this is uniquely possible.