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Fiordland Lobster Company and Te Anau School in Technology Partnership

Fiordland Lobster Company Ltd and Te Anau School have formed a partnership to help bring more devices to the students at the school.

Fiordland Lobster Company Ltd are sponsoring the first $200 of a device for students in the Senior Syndicate at Te Anau School. The partnership is aimed at making devices available to as many students as possible. The families of the students pay the balance of the device which they then own outright. The school has chosen to offer Chromebooks through the partnership which allows the families to purchase a device for between $150 and $200. This includes a three-year warranty and a ‘designed for school’ bag to carry the device in.

So far 57 year four to six students have taken up the offer. Not all of the students have taken it up as some already have their own device. These students are able to take up the offer at a later date.

At this stage, the partnership is for the next four years which will allow all of the students who are currently enrolled a chance to take up the offer.

Fiordland Lobster Company Ltd is very pleased to be working in partnership with Te Anau’s local primary school. The children of our region will benefit in their education through this partnership, and having technology made available at an affordable price, will help the children and their families in Fiordland.

Te Anau school is such an important part of our community’s foundation, with many families choosing to live in this wonderful part of New Zealand. The school is a big part of everyday life for the young, up-and-coming generation and their families. Assisting the primary school to provide quality education in the Fiordland region is future proofing our next generation and that’s a really nice programme to be involved with in our community. Fiordland Lobster Company is an international leader in our industry, and it is important, as a local company, we lead and support in our community.

Te Anau School has worked hard over the past four years to enhance the use of technology in the school. The school has an ultrafast fibre internet connection, state of the art wireless system and through this partnership now have the devices to offer the students. Teachers have also been busy up-skilling themselves and adjusting classroom programmes to allow the devices to be used effectively. The devices are not replacing sound teaching, they are a tool to enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum and prepare students for their future.