Wild Legend Brand - Fiordland Lobster Company

Wild Legend lobster thrives in the cold, pure waters of remote Fiordland National Park. Growing slowly in the wilderness, becoming sweet and tender over time. Wild Legend lobster is famous, with a long tradition and honoured status in its international marketplaces.

Wild Legend brand was created and launched in 2018, updating the Kiwi Lobster brand that served Fiordland Lobster Company for almost 30 years. Wild Legend reflects the wild nature of the environment and the wild caught lobster. It captures the romantic notion of the Chinese ‘dragon of the sea’. Wild Legend lobster is rare, prestigious, sought after for celebrations. Strong and lively.

The introduction of Wild Legend brand accompanied the company’s entry into online and New Retail sales channels in China. Wild Legend branded lobsters are found in Hema supermarkets and other high-end seafood retail stores. They are available for sale online in Shanghai. Delivery of an individual lobster to the consumer’s apartment door is often completed within 30 minutes of ordering.